How To Unlock The Sykov Pistol In Warzone & Modern Warfare

Love it or hate it, the Sykov pistol is currently taking over in Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s effectively a 160-round, fully automatic, double handgun and has a faster time-to-kill (ttk) than any other weapon in the game right now (as of April 2021). Additionally it’s a secondary gun, meaning you can use it alongside a longer-ranged weapon and take the Ghost perk on your first loadout.

The attachments to make the best Sykov loadout at close-range are:
• Monolithic Suppressor
• Sorokin 140mm Auto
• 5mW Laser
• 80 Round Drum
• Akimbo

The Best Sykov Akimbo Loadout

Read on to see exactly how to unlock the Sykov handgun with these attachments.

1 Unlocking the gun

This step is pretty straight forward – you need to get 4 kills while using Pistols in 5 different matches.

If you own Modern Warfare, the quickest way to complete this challenge is to equip any pistol and head in to Shoot the Ship (if available), or any mode that allows for quick respawns.

If you haven’t purchased Modern Warfare and only play Warzone we’d recommend using Plunder mode, since you’ll respawn on death, as opposed to going to the gulag.

2 Levelling the Sykov

Once you’ve unlocked the Sykov, you’ll want to keep grinding whatever mode you used above. Make sure to throw on a Double Weapon XP Token if you have one available. Once your gun reaches level 32 attach the Mo’Money perk in order to complete the last step.

3 Unlocking the Akimbo perk

To unlock Akimbo you need to get 3 kills in 5 different matches using the Mo’Money perk with the Sykov.

This is the part which has been confusing some people, since the challenge description states that you need to use the Mo’Money perk on the Renetti. This appears to be an error, and you’ll need to use the Sykov in order for the kills to be counted.

Sykov Akimbo Unlock Error

By the time you’ve unlocked the Akimbo perk, your Sykov will probably be close to max level, so just continue playing the same mode for as long as you need.

That’s it. You’re now ready to wreak havoc in Verdansk. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop a comment below.

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