Fortnite eDPI Calculator

To work out your Fortnite eDPI simply enter your mouse DPI (found in your mouse software) followed by your Fortnite sensitivity in to the calculator below.

eDPI stands for effective Dots Per Inch. It is a numeric value that is calculated by multiplying your mouse DPI with your in-game sensitivity.

Mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity are both variables that affect your overall sensitivity. When comparing several players with these 2 values separately, it can be difficult to quickly decipher which player has a higher/lower sensitivity. By multiplying them to make one number (eDPI) it makes it much easier to display the “true” sensitivity. The table below demonstrates this:

PlayerMouse DPISens.eDPI

eDPI is a subjective setting and can be influenced by external factors such as desk space, mouse pad size or the players mobility. We would recommend experimenting with different sensitivities in order to find one which suits you individually.

As a frame of reference, most pro Fortnite players tend to use an eDPI between 36 and 72.

Low eDPILess than 45
Medium eDPI45-80
High eDPIMore than 80

Fortnite uses raw input, meaning that when in-game your mouse will be unaffected by your Windows sensitivity settings. It is therefore not relevant to include this in our calculator.

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